[Sputnik-list] updated installation script

Yuri Takhteyev yuri at sims.berkeley.edu
Fri Mar 14 22:22:19 GMT+2 2008

Sputnik was uninstallable today because of a misconfiguration in the
mail luarocks repository.  As a way of fixing this problem right now
and also to prevent this kind of fragility in future, I decided to
make Sputnik's repository self-sufficient and to have the installation
script _only_ takes rocks from Sputnik's repository
(http://sputnik.freewisdom.org/rocks/).  I put out a new installation
script (http://sputnik.freewisdom.org/files/sputnik_install_2008_03_14.sh)
and updated the "Installation" page.

This means that new versions of rocks on which Sputnik depends will
now only apply when I copy them to my repository.  I see this as a
feature: in the past we had a problem where a new release of the
markdown rock caused the installation script to fail because it
expected a newer version of luarocks.   Now, instead, I will
occasionally check for new rocks, test that Sputnik works with them,
then copy them to my repository.  Someone who installs Sputnik would
then be less likely to run into problems because broken dependencies.

Users are of course welcome to manually insert the main luarocks
repository into their etc/luarocks_config and then upgrade the rocks
that they want to upgrade (or install additional ones).  If you do
this and Sputnik stops working, at least you know where to look for
the problem.

- yuri


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