[oil-users] long long

Renato Maia maia at inf.puc-rio.br
Tue Mar 6 14:56:31 BRT 2007

Hi Thomas

>  From a recent post I got the impression that your internal OiL version
> (< 0.3.3.alpha) already handles "long long" ??

No, unfortunately this is not true. The single issue about the 'long
long' support is about how to map it in Lua. Since Lua numbers are
'double', they cannot store 'long long' values. One possible way to
solve this problem is to extend Lua with a C library that manipulates
such values, but this brings some drawbacks too. Any suggestions?

> Would it be possible to get access to it (my LuaIDL version is only
> 0.5.1b :-((  ?

I can sand you my working version, but it does not support 'long long'
and may have some serious bugs. ;-) Anyway a new release is about to
come out this month. If we find a solution to this problem of the
'long long' I can include it in the next version.

> We are still heavily using OiL for test scripts on our embedded system.

That's really nice! ;-)
If you have time, could you send me a short description of your
application and how are you using OiL to test it?

Best regards.

Renato Maia
PhD student at PUC-Rio

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