[Metalua-list] Re: metalua source parsing

Alexander Gladysh agladysh at gmail.com
Sun Sep 14 06:20:31 GMT+2 2008

> Note BTW, that to get, say, position of "do" in the loop, user would
> have to re-parse it again, and metalua would not help him as it does
> not store needed info. (Maybe one can overload lexer somehow?) What if
> I've changed loop expression, and want "do" to stay where it were if
> possible?

I have thought of another use-case here. It seemed to me that metalua
would be fine back-end for Lua syntax highlighting plugin for some
editor. Now it seems that I would have much more manual parsing work
to write it.

It is of course not a feature to bloat the metalua for, but, maybe, it
could be helped somehow?


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