[Metalua-list] Some fixes on the git head

Fabien Fleutot fleutot at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 18:08:21 GMT+2 2008


a bunch of fixes are available on the git repository, mainly thanks to
Alexander's reports and patches. The latest version passes lua's test suite,
and carries a lineinfo field in every lexer token and AST node. From the

Now every piece of AST has got a lineinfo field, with two sub-fields
first and last, holding a position in source
represented as 3 numbers:
- line number
- column number (i.e. number of chars wince last '\n')
- character number, since beginning of file.

lineinfo fields are automatically added by gg in gg generated parsers,
after the application of transformer functions.
They're also added in every token generated by lexer. >>

Still missing are the links to comments, they'll be added to lineinfo. Also,
I haven't checked yet off-by-one errors in line / column / char numbers.
Once these points will be sorted, I'll release a 0.5 version of metalua,
focusing on using metalua as a lua lib for lua code analysis.

-- Fabien.
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