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Alexander Gladysh agladysh at gmail.com
Wed Sep 3 20:02:29 GMT+2 2008

Hi, list!

I've attached the git patch series with all my recent fixes to metalua
(including couple of new ones).

 removed trailing spaces
 .gitignore: ignoring .project files from eclipse
 config: honoring build path override from environment variables
 mlp: allowing empty files
 lexer: \<newline> is a valid escape sequence
 lexer: fixed extract_number
 lexer: fixed unescaping of \\NNN case
 lexer: fixed extract_short_string

Apply it with

$ git am <filename>

First patch of the series is to remove all trailing spaces in all
files of src/ directory. You may want to skip it (pass -i option to
git am to use interactive merge).

There are only two known lexer bugs left (from Lua test suite):

*       /Users/agladysh/build/lua5.1-tests/constructs.lua
Error loading file      /Users/agladysh/build/lua5.1-tests/constructs.lua
mlc.mlua:105: Parsing error in
@/Users/agladysh/build/lua5.1-tests/constructs.lua line 113, char
line 113, char 2606: Unexpected expr token `Keyword{ char = 2604, line
= 113, lineinfo = { last = 113, first = 113 }, ";" }
>>>     else return; end;
>>>                  ^

*       /Users/agladysh/build/lua5.1-tests/main.lua
Error loading file      /Users/agladysh/build/lua5.1-tests/main.lua
mlc.mlua:105: Parsing error in
@/Users/agladysh/build/lua5.1-tests/main.lua line 1, char 18:
line 1, char 11: This expression is of type 'Op'; only function and
method calls make valid statements
>>> # testing special comment on first line
>>>            ^

Hints on where to fix them are welcome.

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