GTK+ mammoth

Asko Kauppi asko.kauppi at
Sun Jan 23 13:31:36 BRST 2005

Hi, folks

I'm considering to take my Lua spear and go Mammoth hunting.  If you 
have any requests as to how you'd like your piece of the GTK+ mammoth 
be served (raw, medium, well done, python-like? ;) please say so.  
Also, anyone caring to join and/or taste the early products is welcome.


Edelleenlähetetyn viestin alku:

> Lähettäjä: Asko Kauppi <asko.kauppi at>
> Päiväys: 23. tammikuuta 2005 17:25:19 GMT+02:00
> Vastaanottaja: Adrián Pérez <moebius at>
> If you have any requests / ideas about how to approach the somewhat 
> mammothical (not that it's extinct, though) API, I'd be very keen to 
> listen.  I could see at least a couple of app-roaches..
> 	1. Two-layer, as in SDL wrapper.  First 1:1 C/Lua API, then a more 
> object oriented approach with pure Lua.
> 	2. Copying i.e. the Python GTK+ API.  Yack, not for me.. (haven't 
> even looked at py API, though..)
> 	3. Using something like GTK# or GFC (a C++ API = Gtk Foundation 
> Classes :) as the copycat source.
> Hmm..

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