LuaX to have sound (announcement, not shipping yet)

Asko Kauppi asko.kauppi at
Tue Jan 11 20:05:06 BRST 2005

Just letting you know, LuaX will be having SDL_Mixer support, hopefully 
by the next release, whenever that is.. I've typed in the binding & 
wrapper, but no testing has been done, yet.

To those of you who haven't faced SDL_Mixer before, have a look at:

That's a pretty neat document, imho.  Was very helpful.

There will be two API's, one (lower level) very much 1:1 with the C 
API. And another, object oriented implemented in the Lua wrapper.

As far as I've checked, SDL_Mixer is available in fink (OS X), apt-get 
(Ubuntu Linux) and the Win32 binaries will be included, as usual.


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