[LuaVIEW-users] Hexadecimal constants

Dave Ludlam dave at safebydesign.co.uk
Thu Aug 14 05:59:18 GMT+2 2008

Thanks Albert-Jan, I was being dim! 

Never stopped to think that hex constants wouldn't be in Lua and as the
links take you to Lua 5.1 manuals I completely forgot that LuaVIEW uses 5.0.


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LuaVIEW is based on Lua 5.0 as you can check by
printing the _VERSION global or the string returned by
lv.luaversion(). Unlike Lua 5.1, Lua 5.0 does not handle
hex numbers in the parser.

However, you can obtain a number from a hexadecimal
string using the tonumber() function, e.g.:
print(tonumber("1A",16)) -> 26

To make it a little less ugly, you can define a helper
function like so:
function X(str) return tonumber(str, 16) end
print(X"DEADBEEF") -> 3735928559

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