[LuaVIEW-users] LuaView + LuaXMLRPC

Richard Graham rdg37 at student.canterbury.ac.nz
Wed Aug 6 05:43:40 GMT+2 2008


I am thinking of using LuaView, in combination with LuaXMLRPC so that I 
can make a labview application that can respond to and send XMLRPC 
calls. I want the application to be controllable using a simple and open 
protocol that is easily accessible from various different languages.

It is proving a bit time consuming to get LuaXMLRPC and all its 
dependencies working with Lua 5.0, so before I spend more time on it I 
was wondering if anyone on this list could offer an opinion if this is a 
reasonable idea or not or if there is another approach I could take.


Richard Graham

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