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Luís Santos lsantos at itquality.com.br
Mon Sep 24 11:01:23 GMT+3 2007

In this case, I would delegate that decision to user, but provide a 
mecanism for him to set what file is a module and what is't -- I believe 
that's what Pierre is suggesting.

We could provide somea feature to let users create 'modules', and so he 
could indicate lua or binary modules to use - all internal to his 
project, of course. External modules could become a little more tricky.

If some other file is a module, but the user didn't tell us that, we 
could just ignore it and treat it like an ordinary script file.

Andre Carregal escreveu:
> On 9/24/07, Pierre Abreu <pierre at fabricadigital.com.br> wrote:
>>  I think that could have a way to create modules like 'package' of java. Basically when an user create a new module, automatically a file will be created with the name of the module and inside it, it would have the line:
>>      module(NAMEOFMODULE)
> I think this is too much trouble to just add a single line to a file. :o)
> And keep in mind that some prefer their modules to have module(...)
> instead of the module name. And others use package.seeall, while some
> prefer to declare local versions of used globals...
> The point is that we don't have a clear definition of what would be a
> Lua module in this case.
> André
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