[Luaeclipse-developers] New beta2 version

Andre Carregal carregal at fabricadigital.com.br
Sun Sep 23 23:25:14 GMT+3 2007

On 9/23/07, Luís Eduardo Jason Santos <jasonsantos at quantumsatis.net> wrote:
> I have made some minor adjustments on the build paths and plugin
> requirements of this version, so we can test again on OSX.
>  I tested again on Eclipse 3.2 on Windows and Linux, and found no problems.
> Waiting for reports on the OS X front.

OSX 10.4 + Eclipse 3.3

- Update (OK)
- Wizard for new Lua project (OK)
- Wizard for new Lua file (OK)
- Double click in the Lua file:

Not very useful as a report I imagine... is there any log file I may
check for details?


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