[Luaeclipse-developers] LuaEclipse 1.1 Beta 2

Luís Santos lsantos at itquality.com.br
Mon Sep 17 10:03:28 GMT+3 2007

Andre Carregal escreveu:
> Tested using a 10.4 OSX with Eclipse 3.2. Maybe the errors reported
> below were expected since you mentioned "Update problems on Eclipse
> 3.2"... :o)
Yes! Thanks. We are experiencing some difficulties for testing this in 
our development environment.
It seemed to work fine on 3.3, but 3.2 is still presenting these problems.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but as these tests are, in the final 
analysis, tests of the update system, we found a good thing to publish 
them on the beta update site.
> Apparently update manager only worked after trying the URL with a
> /site.xml at the end. After this, it worked even with the standard
> URL.
We couldn't reproduce this on. Maybe it's something with folder 
permissions, but then again, It would be good if we could provide a 
repeatable scenario for this.
> After the restart, the project Wizard could not create Lua projects
> reporting a missing ProjectWizard class.
Yes, these are the expected errors on 3.2. We haven't still been able to 
pinpoint the exact cause.
Help is appreciated.

At this point, this is our top priority.

Jason Santos

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