[Luaeclipse-developers] LuaEclipse 1.1 Beta 2

Luís Eduardo Jason Santos jasonsantos at quantumsatis.net
Sat Sep 15 23:45:01 GMT+3 2007

Hello, friends

We have released a second beta version of LuaEclipse 1.1!
Point your update managers to:


This one has some corrections and some discrete new features. Among them:

- The compilation errors are back.
- The New Lua Project Icon is back.
- A new shortcut for running Lua Scripts ( Shift-Ctrl-X L )
- Features in Update site are now separated in Categories
- Plug-in versions now have a timestamp added to them - automatic updates
will work better

We have some known issues, thou.
- Update problems on Eclipse 3.2
- Some problems with 5.1 modules syntax x dofile.

We hope to solve them all before going full release -- any help is
appreciated. Including more issues.. (^_^)

Luís Eduardo Jason Santos
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