[Luaeclipse-developers] Error parser

Luís Santos lsantos at itquality.com.br
Tue Sep 11 09:20:08 GMT+3 2007

Hi, Raphael

Thank you so much.

Are you working with the published 1.1b1 or the CVS Head? I commited a 
correction for this bug to CVS last saturday, hope it´s not broken. We 
will be building another preview release of the Update Site in the next 
few days.

Thanks, I really forgot Task #219, but Task #161 hasn't been completed 
yet - and therefore could be considered still open.

I am thinking about cleaning up this subproject and begining another - 
concerning our DLTK integration.

There's a lot to discuss before that, thou. As soon as we make the 1.1 
Release, we begin to move towards that!

Jason Santos

Raphael Amorim escreveu:
> Hello,
> In the latest version the compilation errors are showed in the console 
> window only. The 'problems window' is not
> working. I think it has a simple correction, because it was working on 
> the previous release.
> Tasks #161 and #219 still open at LuaForge, should be closed.
> Raphael Amorim
> Em 10/09/2007, às 16:43, Luís Santos escreveu:
>> Hi people,
>> As we have solved this one critical bug and no one seems to have any 
>> complaints about the checklist, it seems to me there´s a countdown 
>> for the 1.1 Release.
>> Those of you who can help checking docs and code, please, step forward.
>> Those of you who are already deep into DLTK, please, come forward 
>> too.. for we must start our plans for the next version as soon as the 
>> 1.1 Release hits the world.
>> Let´s move!
>> []s
>> --- Luís Eduardo Jason Santos
>> lsantos at itquality.com.br escreveu:
>>> Hi, I was here making my screenshots and then I noticed that I could 
>>> not reproduce the  compilation errors on my code. Thinking about 
>>> some crazyness on my workspace I created another, downloaded de beta 
>>> plug-in and tested it: same result.
>>> I sneaked into my wife's Notebook (a Windows machine), installed 
>>> Eclipse and LuaEclipse. Same problem - or lack of problem.
>>> Then I got concerned.. Where did the compilation errors go? :-/
>>> -- LS

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