[Luaeclipse-developers] Release Checklist

Andre Carregal carregal at fabricadigital.com.br
Sat Sep 1 22:54:52 GMT+3 2007

On 9/1/07, lsantos at itquality.com.br <lsantos at itquality.com.br> wrote:
> I am re-capturing the screenshots on the documentation and will publish
> it within the next hours on a temporary location (as soon as I figure
> out how to do this). On sunday, I will be available all-day for the
> bulk of the Release process.

To put the documentation on line, you should FTP ftp.luaforge.net and
then go to the LuaEclipse directory, choose htdocs and then create a
/preview directory there.

> Do we have a checklist on that?
> If we don't, I believe we can borrow the Kepler checklist at
> http://kepler-tmp.dreamhosters.com/en/Checklist and create a simplified
> list. -- LS

While I agree the full Kepler checklist may be more than needed, it
has been an essential tool in the modules releases. More than once it
has pinpointed missing details that nobody could remember.

Maybe the LE checklist should focus more on documentation and resource
details used for the various builds on different platforms.


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