[Kepler-Project] [LuaSQL] Roadmap Ideas

Ignacio Burgueño iburgueno at gmail.com
Tue Oct 12 17:11:32 GMT+3 2010

> For the record, luadbi [1] sqlite3 driver works properly, i.e. it returns a
> result set from a pragma:
Well, I took a quick look at it and luadbi works fine because it's using
sqlite3_prepare_v2 instead of sqlite3_prepare. _v2 is recommended in SQLite
docs [1] so it might be reasonable to update.

If you can, change line 350 of ls_sqlite3.c to this:
res = sqlite3_prepare_v2(conn->sql_conn, statement, -1, &vm, &tail);

Your test now works. Couldn't test much further though.

[1]: http://www.sqlite.org/c3ref/prepare.html
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