[Kepler-Project] LuaSQL 2.0.1 and MySQL 5.0

Tomas tomas at ccpa.puc-rio.br
Mon May 8 08:45:54 GMT+3 2006

 	Hi Florian

> Has anybody experiences with LuaSQL 2.0.1 and MySQL 5.0 together? The LuaSQL 
> web page only says that LuaSQL has tested with MySQL 4.0 and 4.1:
> http://www.keplerproject.org/luasql/
> I compiled (in Windows) LuaSQL with MySQL 5.0 and Lua 5.1 and after quick 
> tests everything seems to work. I can make a connection and select something. 
> Everything seems to be ok, but it would give a more secure feeling if 
> somebody else could also tell that he is using the same combination without 
> problems.
 	Have you tryed the test script?  It should test all driver's features...

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