[Iup-users] IUP compile error: conflicting types for 'XmComboBoxCallbackStruct'

Otfried Cheong otfried.iup at ipe.airpost.net
Thu Oct 4 03:29:45 GMT+3 2007

mpb wrote:
> I am trying to compile IUP 2.6rc2 on Kubuntu 7.04.
> I get the following error (and some warnings).  It looks like IUP is
> redefining/redeclaring symbols that were previously defined/declared
> by Motif.
> Does anyone have any suggestions?

You need to remove "mot/ComboBox1.c" from the list of sources in the 
Makefile. (Apparently this file is a backport of the combo box from 
Motif 2 to Motif 1, but since Ubuntu has Motif 2 it should not be 
compiled in.)


ps. I wonder when the GTK driver will be available.  The Motif driver is 
sooo ugly :-(   I actually only need the core IUP controls (what's in 
the "src" subdirectory, none of the extra controls or libraries).

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